Player Engagement Solutions

We offer our partners agile and easy-to-implement solutions that drive players’ engagement.

Whether the aim is to enhance loyalty, reactivate users or increase their overall lifetime value, we have a suite of solutions to suit your needs.


Boost your player experience and engagement with an effective, customisable, marketing tool.

Simply choose from a wide range of triggers and components to build a real-time jackpot tool on any game in our portfolio.


Amplify your player experience through a variety of effective engagement mechanics guaranteed to increase player retention.

  • Run live tournaments with multiple players, across multiple games and networks.
  • Bring diversification with our mechanics such as symbol-based tournaments, bet and win, win multiplier.
  • Reward players on achievements instantly with auto-crediting.

Free Rounds

Incentivise your players to discover new games & winning opportunities by harnessing the power of Free Rounds.

Target players and drive engagement by creating automated and customised triggers to excite and entertain your players. 


Work with our team of highly-skilled designers to create bespoke widget designs that can be used across our game portfolio as well as marketing channels such as social media and websites.

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